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Big Boilermaker Prize Given Early

Jul. 25, 2011


July20, 2011 (Utica NY) - One of the biggest prizes awarded Boilermaker Week, a 2011 Jeep Liberty, was awarded prior to the running of the Boilermaker.
Dave Faccioli of Utica shot a hole-in-one at the Boilermaker Golf Classic held at Valley View Country Club on July 5th. Nearly 240 golfers participated in the event which is held primarily as a thank you to Boilermaker sponsors. Mr. Faccoli, a ten year participant in the Boilermaker 15k, works for Northern Safety the sponsor of the Boilermaker Start and Finish line.
The vehicle was provided by The Carbone Auto Group, sponsor of the Boilermaker 5k.
"I had never hit a hole-in-one prior to this; I guess I picked a good day to do it"." said Dave "If there was a pond I would have jumped in it".