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Boilermaker 2011 Numbers

Jul. 25, 2011


July 25,2011 (Utica NY)- At the completion of the 2011 Boilermaker a new record was set for total combined runners for the 15 and 5k events. In 2010 11,539 finished the 15k while 2,659 completed the 5k for a 14,198 total. In 2011 11,074 finished the 15 k and 3,187 for the 5k making a combined total of 14,261. The wheelchair field was the largest in the race's 34 year history with 27 athletes participating.
Men vs. Women
A study of men vs. women participants revealed some interesting comparisons. In the 15k, 54% of the finishers were men; that number dropped to 41% in the 5k. For the 3 Mile Walk over 70% of the participants were women.
Top Communities
The top three communities with participants in the 15k were Utica: 678, New Hartford: 523, and Syracuse: 449. In the 5k the top three were Utica: 368, New Hartford: 337 and Whitesboro: 162. For the Walk, Utica: 134, New Hartford: 49 and a tie between Rome and Whitesboro with 36 each.
Only two U.S. states did not have a presence for this year's Boilermaker; South Dakota and Wyoming. There were eighteen different nations who participated in this year's race.
Average Finishing Times
Average finishing time for the 2010 15k were 1 hour 23 minutes 59 seconds for men, 1 hour 34 minutes 32 seconds for women. In 2011 times increased to 1 hour 24 minutes 41 seconds for men, 1 hour 35 minutes 6 seconds for women.  
Paper vs. Online Registration
Online registration saw a dramatic increase in virtually every Boilermaker in event. In 2010 66% of 15k participants signed up online; in 2011 that increased to 82%. For the 5k the jump was even more pronounced; 50% signed up electronically in 2010; in 2011 it jumped to 86%. Likewise the 3 Mile Walk went from 72% paper last year to 57% in 2011.