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Production Company Seeks Boilermaker Photos and Stories

Oct. 3, 2012

October 3, 2012 (Utica, NY) - A local production company making a documentary on the 35th Anniversary of the Utica Boilermaker Road Race, is looking for unique personal stories, videos and photos that can be used in the upcoming production.
"We're looking for people who have interesting and unique stories that haven't yet been told," said Executive Director Tim Reed.  "It can be anyone who has an interesting story that no one really knows about. They can be runners, volunteers, spectators or a person who simply has a special connection to the 15K road race that they feel would be worth sharing."

Media Corp, a production company that is run by Utica media personality Bill Keeler, is making the film, which has set a goal to tell the stories about the Boilermaker that most people have never heard. 

"There are so many people connected to this race who have very interesting personal stories that we hope to document," said Keeler.  "This won't be a repeat of things we already know about the Boilermaker; the goal is to take a completely different approach and focus on what makes this week in July such a special time for the people of the area. I want people to walk away from this film with a new appreciation of this event and an understanding of why it continues to grow in an area that's faced such tough times over the last 35-years."

People who feel they have something to contribute can contact Media Corp at 315-520-8749. Emails can also be sent to this address:  Stories@BoilermakerDocumentary.com.

All pictures and videos, especially those from the early days of the race, will be appreciated.  Arrangements will be made to copy and return all photos and videos safely.

The documentary will be completed by spring of 2013 and production is already underway.