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Nov. 4, 2012

November 4, 2012 (Utica, NY) - Local television personality Bill Keeler will hold a drive to collect BOTTLED WATER, BATTERIES, BABY STUFF AND BASICS for downstate victims of Hurricane Sandy on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week at Carl's Furniture in the city. 

"We were already going to be in Manhattan on Friday as part of a video shoot with an ESPN commentator for the Boilermaker Documentary we're working on, as well as a video shoot at a restaurant as part of our new TV show" said Keeler.  "I thought, if we're already going there, we might as well not go empty handed." 

Keeler said he first received the blessing of Boilermaker Executive Director Tim Reed, who is supporting the effort.  He then contacted Carl Vogel of Carl's Furniture who agreed to serve as the drop-off location.  Vogel also donated one of his trucks along with the gas and a driver to deliver the goods to New York on Friday. 

"This is Central New York," said Keeler.  "We can't sit by while our downstate neighbors are hurting.  It's a part of our DNA.  We have to help." 

Keeler is asking for people to drop off bottled water, batteries, and baby supplies (like formula, baby wipes and diapers).   He's also asking for basics like toiletries, new underwear and socks, as well as flashlights and coolers.  

For more information, contact Keeler at 520-8741.