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Looking Good While Training - No Sweat!

Feb. 6, 2013

February 6, 2013 (Utica, NY)- this year's early sellout of the race wasn't the only thing that got people talking. The Boilermaker turned to Rochester-based apparel company ViewSPORT to produce its 2013 training shirt.

What makes this tech shirt unusual is the use of sweat-activated technology that reveals a message that is only visible once perspiration comes in contact with the fabric. As you sweat, the words No Sweat magically appear on your upper back. When the shirt dries out the message again disappears.

 Interestingly, recent studies by scientists have concluded that the area between the shoulders is the area of the body that produces the most perspiration.

As an added bonus, the shirts are manufactured in the USA.

Ben Wood, ViewSPORT's CEO, a college chemistry major and second year medical school student invented the technology. 'It's great to get a chance to partner a New York manufacturer with a premier New York race' said Mr. Wood.

This is not the first time the Boilermaker has offered ViewSPORT merchandise. In 2011, the race sent ViewSPORT shirts to support a Boilermaker 'shadow run' held in Iraq.  As the soldiers perspired, the secret message, 'I Ran Iraq", was revealed.

Organizations that have sported ViewSPORT apparel include: ESPN, Game Gear, Gus Macker and the U.S. Army. The technology was featured on the TV show Shark Tank.

The 2013 Boilermaker Training Shirt is available at store.boilermaker.com in both men' and women's sizes.

'Perhaps you're not happy with your running time, but you can be happy with your running style' said Tim Reed President of the Boilermaker. 'This is just one of the many different things the Boilermaker does which makes us unique.'

The 36th running of the Boilermaker Road Race will take place on Sunday July 14, 2013