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Birnie Bus Service and The Boilermaker Launch New Transportation Services For 15k Runners

Mar. 25, 2013

March 25, 2013 (Utica N.Y.)-Birnie Bus Service has partnered with the Boilermaker to bring transportation services to out of town 15K Boilermaker runners. Boilermaker bus services, via Birnie Bus, will accommodate the following areas; Syracuse, Rome and Lowville. The buses will pick up runners from three locations and transport them non-stop to the 15K starting line in Utica. Once the race is complete the buses will pick up the runners at the Boilermaker post-race party and transport them back to their respective locations. A website, www.BoilermakerBusService.com, is now available for those who are interested in using the service. The  service is affordable, at  $5 per person round trip, and payment can be made online. Runners are encouraged to register early as seating will be limited.

Mr. Tim Birnie, President of Birnie Bus Service said "Birnie Bus has been a long standing  partner of the Boilermaker Road Race serving as the official bus transportation partner ," He added that  "It made sense for Birnie to offer this new service to out of town runners. It's convenient and will help reduce   parking issues for runners while benefitting the environment through a reduction in vehicle emissions."
 Mr. Jim Stasaitis, Race Director, said "the Boilermaker appreciates the partnership with Birnie Bus Service and looks forward to the added transportation service for our 15k runners. We encourage all out of town runners to use this service as it will help with parking and traffic congestion the day of the race." Stasaitis concluded, "We are always looking for ways to accommodate our out of town runners."  Routes and more information can be found on www.BoilermakerBusService.com.