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Boilermaker Strides to Achieve Green Certification

Apr. 3, 2013

April 2, 2013 (Utica, NY)- The Boilermaker supports healthy lifestyles, healthy communities and recognizes that to achieve these goals we need a healthy planet.  To demonstrate its commitment to "Going Green" the Boilermaker has applied for certification from the Council for Responsible Sport.  

Certification from the Council for Responsible Sport formally recognizes a significant achievement: the successful completion of a socially and environmentally responsible sporting event. Standards can be achieved in areas ranging from waste management and climate impact to community involvement, health promotion and more.

Over the years the events associated with Boilermaker have significantly reduced their collective environmental footprint.   According to Race Director, Jim Stasaitis, the simple act of going to online registration resulted in the elimination of printing nearly 80,000 race applications, not to mention all of the envelopes and checks.  It further eliminated all of the energy needed to produce those materials and the transportation of those materials.

Last year more than 4 tons of solid waste was sent to the recycling center instead of the landfill.  While that is a great start according to Stasaitis: "We will look at every aspect of our three day event to find ways that we can be friendlier to the planet.  All of the committees are asked to help with this process.

With more than 20,000 participants, plus more than 5,000 volunteers everyone is asked to pitch in.  Here are three steps that everyone can take include:
    •   Use recycling and composting bins at the expo and the post race party.
        1       Carpool to all events.
        2       Only take food that you are going to eat.

To help with process Paul MacEnroe has been named Sustainability Director for the Boilermaker and all of its events.  
For More Information Contact:  Jim Stasaitis 797 5838