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Jul. 29, 2014

 July 28, 2014 (Utica, NY) - The 2014 Boilermaker Shadow Run, that was cancelled due to high temperatures has been tentatively rescheduled to take place Saturday August 2nd at Camp Buerhing, Kuwait. 

 The Boilermaker has sent race support gear including a start/ finish line banner that traditionally has been signed by participants and returned to Utica for display. In addition, the race sent special commemorative 'chill towels' that, when soaked and placed on skin, reduce temperatures by up to 20 degrees. 

Since 2008 the Boilermaker has supported six overseas Shadow Runs; three in Iraq and three in Afghanistan. 

'We are thankful of the USO's willingness to put on this event' said 1st Lieutenant Jeffery Ruso of the 42nd Combat Air Brigade (National Guard).'This means a lot to all the New Yorkers deployed here.' 

Lieutenant Ruso was the Race Director of the 2012 Boilermaker Shadow Run that took place in Afghanistan. That race was postponed by two weeks due to an unplanned military operation. 

Because of the traditionally extreme temperatures Kuwait experiences in summertime the 15k will start at 5:00 AM followed by the 5k five minutes later. Sunrise in Kuwait takes place at 5:09 AM. Start time temperatures could range between 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures at noon traditionally are between 110 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. 

'We are excited to host the Boilermaker Run here at Camp Buerhring' said Tiffany Banks, USO center manager.' We are hopeful for a large turnout from folks on base.'