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Kernan Elementary Students Decorate Boilermaker Windows for Holidays

Dec. 21, 2016

UTICA, N.Y. – Students at Kernan Elementary School have been working since Thanksgiving to deck the windows at the Boilermaker office for the holiday season.

Students in grades five and six have been working after school Monday through Thursday since thanksgiving. About ten students in total worked on the project.

On Wednesday, the students unveiled the final results.

"They came up with the design," said Garret Komarisky, an art teacher at Kernan Elementary. "The kids made the designs entirely. We talked about what would be fitting for the area, designed everything, drew it on, came down, and we painted it. They've really been in charge of the whole thing."

The idea is to have the kids exposed to art in their local community. The students are part of an after-school program.

Source: WKTV