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Boilermaker Open Registration to Begin on Saturday at Noon

Mar. 17, 2017

2017 Boilermaker logo - 40th Anniversary

Open registration for the 40th Boilermaker Road Race will commence at 12pm on Saturday, March 18th. Participants can register by visiting boilermaker.com.

Since March 9th, 2016 deferrals or participants who finished the 15k or 5k races in the allotted times have had the ability to pre-register. This early-access window ended at noon today, March 17th. At the conclusion of early-access, 6,947 spots remain for the 15k while 2,527 remain for the 5k. Open registration will continue until the races reach their cap limits of 14,500 and 4,500 for the 15k and 5k, respectively.

Race officials are reminding the public to be prepared to register tomorrow as remaining openings are expected to go quickly once opened to the general public. "We've seen a substantial increase in demand this year, most likely due to the 40th anniversary. It's possible that the race may be sold out within hours of open registration," said Race Director, Jim Stasaitis. "A piece of advice to those concerned about being shut-out; confirm that you have access to your Run Sign Up account ahead of time. If you do not have a Run Sign Up account, you are free to make one ahead of time."


The 40th running of the Boilermaker Road Race will take place on Sunday, July 9th, 2017.