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UFD Wins Boilermaker Police and Firefighter Competition Again

Jul. 18, 2017

L - R, Judy Ingalls (widow of Bob Ingalls), Frank Simonelli (competition coordinator), Russell Tinker, Tressa Labella, Daniel Taurisani, , Phillip Trczinski

The Utica Fire Department emerged victorious in the annual Bob Ingalls Police and Firefighter Competition for the second consecutive year at the 2017 Boilermaker Road Race. The ceremony and trophy presentation took place on Tuesday, July 18th at The Sanctuary Bar located at 728 Court Street in Utica.

The friendly competition between the Utica police and fire departments, now in its 13th year, is named after the late Bob Ingalls; former Executive Director of the Boilermaker and member of the Oneida County Sheriff's Department.

The competition averages the times of the top five 15k runners from each organization. This year the Fire Department scored a time of 1:13:02 while the Police Department came in at 1:14:27. The top five finishers from the Fire Department were Daniel Taurisani, Philip Trczinski, Russell Tinker, Tressa Labella and Paul Bianco. Taurisani was the top finisher from the competition with a time of 1:07:08.

The top five finishers from the Police Department were Paul Paladino, Christopher Vomer, Sean Flanagan, Eric Scorzafava and Stanley Fernalld, III. Paladino was the top police finisher with a time of 1:10:16.