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Wheelchair Race

The Boilermaker's Wheelchair Division has grown into one of the largest & most competitive fields in the country which is a testament to the hard work of our amazing wheelchair athlete-focused volunteer team.

Athletes experience the world-renowned 15K course, recognized for its fun, entertaining yet challenging course, and its post-race party at the F.X. Matt Brewing Company.

With ample water stops, strong attention to medical detail, and crowd support that is like no other race, the Boilermaker 15K is an event not to be missed.

COVID Safety Protocol:

As of 5/26/22, there are no COVID restrictions to participate in the July 2022 Boilermaker event. The Boilermaker will follow local & federal COVID safety guidelines in place come race day, which are subject to change at any time.

By registering for any in-person event, you agree to abide by the health and safety measures in effect at the time of the event, which may include, but not be limited to, wearing masks, providing proof of vaccination status, and/or proof of negative COVID-19 test.

Wheelchair Race

Wheelchair Race Divisions

The Wheelchair Race is comprised of five divisions and competes in the 15K race.

  1. Mens Open
  2. Womens Open
  3. Mens Masters
  4. Womens Masters
  5. Open Quad (Men and Women combined)


Sitrin Wheelchair Challenge

The Sitrin Wheelchair Challenge program provides a racing wheelchair to the program participant that can complete the Boilermaker 15K in 2 hours and 15 minutes or less. Since 1997, 30 racing wheelchairs have been awarded to the Challengers. Program participants are chosen though an application process. Typically one chair is awarded per year. Applicants not chosen to be the Challenger can still participate in the race, but are not eligible to win the racing chair. Winners of the racing chair are not eligible to win prize money.


Sunday, July 10th, 2022

Start Time:

7:45 AM

Distance & Course:

15 kilometers, (9.3 miles), USATF recertified in 2012. The course is marked in kilometers and miles. Streets are closed to traffic for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Splits are given every mile and at 5K and 10K.

Start Location:

Culver Ave. near Beechgrove Pl.
Utica, NY


The course is restricted to registered runners, wheelchair division athletes and official race personnel. We strongly discourage the use of headphones.

Men Year Women
Marty Ball, NY, 53:30 (approx.) 1980  
Colin Dye, WY, 1:05:29 1981  
Marty Ball, NY, (time not available) 1982  
Marty Ball, NY, 48:06 1983  
Jeff Koch, USA, 46:53 1985  
Bill McGovern, USA, 49:25 1986  
Tom Nowhitney, NY, 59:00 1987  
Bill McGovern, USA, 53:34 1988  
Tom Nowhitney, NY, 1:03:16 1989  
Bill McGovern, USA, 48:50 1990  
Colin Dye, WY, 44:04 1991 Connie Head, NY, 1:02:39
Marty Ball, NY, 45:06 1992 Connie Head, NY, 54:09
Chris Waddell, MA, 41:41 1993 Connie Head, NY, 57:08
Chris Waddell, MA, 40:17 1994 Harrilyn Beehner, NY, 1:16:25
John Rudolph, NM, 42:56 1995 Connie Head, NY, 1:12:30
Tony M. Nogueira, NJ, 36:15 1996 Rose Winand, MA, 46:08
Saul Mendoza, TX, 34:05 1997 Jessica Galli, NJ, 52:18
Tony M. Nogueira, NJ, 36:41 1998 Jessica Galli, NJ, 52:06
Krige Schabort, GA, 33:35 1999 Laurie Stephens, MA, 46:57
Saul Mendoza, TX, 32:40 2000 Laurie Stephens, MA, 46:26
Saul Mendoza, TX, 33:30 2001 Jessica Galli, NJ, 47:20
Kamel B. Ayari, NY, 36:53 2002 April Coughlin, NY, 50:53
Saul Mendoza, TX, 35:09 2003 Jessica Galli, NJ, 47:35
Saul Mendoza, TX, 31:49 2004 Jessica Galli, NJ, 45:36
Tyler Byers, AZ, 39:31 2005 Shirley Reilly, AZ, 44:35
Saul Mendoza, TX, 34:18 2006  
Krige Schabort, GA, 32:51 2007 Anjali Forber-Pratt, IL, 49:13
Krige Schabort, GA, 32:57 2008 Jacqui Kapinowski, NJ, 1:03:40
Krige Schabort, GA, 36:52 2009 Ellie O'Neal, NY, 1:09:58
Krige Schabort, GA, 32:59 2010 Anjali Forber-Pratt, IL, 49:23
Krige Schabort, GA, 33:16 2011 Amanda McGrory, IL, 39:11
Matthew Lack, NZ, 36:41 2012 Amanda McGrory, IL, 39:33
Joshua Cassidy, ON, 34:11 2013  
Joshua George, IL, 34:01 2014 Amanda McGrory, IL, 41:10
Joshua Cassidy, ON, 32:52 2015 Amanda McGrory, IL, 40:08
Daniel Romanchuk, IL, 35:05 2016 Amanda McGrory, IL, 41:43
Daniel Romanchuk, IL, 35:05 2017 Amanda McGrory, IL, 37:40
Daniel Romanchuk, IL, 31:45 2018 Amanda McGrory, IL, 40:00
Daniel Romanchuk, IL, 32:32 2019 Jenna Fesemyer, IL, 43:07