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Boilermaker Opens Mile Run to Public

Jun. 1, 2014

(Utica NY)-The Boilermaker Road Race announced a number of changes to the mile event that takes place prior to Boilermaker Weekend.

 Formerly the race would take place near the Parkway Rec. Center. This year's run will take place at F.T. Proctor Park, Culver Ave., Utica on Tuesday, July 8th.

 The biggest change is opening the mile run, formerly an invitation only event, to the general public. The Boilermaker Mile will feature a number of heats including elite female and male run, special needs and the general community. The run will be capped at 200 total participants. The first heat takes place at 6:00 PM.

 "We wanted to have the race on a course that was not extremely challenging that could affect the times of those running the Boilermaker 15k a few days later" said Ted Petrillo race director of the mile run. 'While this will be a timed race, we welcome people of all abilities to engage in some healthy exercise.'>

 Registration fee will be ten dollars; all participants who sign up prior to June 21st will receive a commemorative tee shirt.

 A portion of the proceeds will be donated for the on-going restoration of the park.

Participants can sign up on boilermaker.com either on-line or download a paper application to mail in.