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Urban Initiative

The Boilermaker Urban Initiative is made possible through the generous support of our corporate partners, O'Brien and Gere and The Paige Group.

It is our mission, to support, stride by stride, and inspire through creativity and commitment, our community to improve their physical and emotional health.

The Boilermaker has historically been defined by the second Sunday in July. However, we are not content with being confined to just one day. The Boilermaker Road Race has been an inspiration for thousands to make positive changes in their lives. Not only that, but the combined energy and efforts of this race has generated an astounding impact on our community, reaching far beyond a single day. Boilermaker Spirit is alive 365!

This organization, firmly rooted through 40 years of dedication to this community, will be growing as a prominent agent of innovative change for health and wellness in the region. The Boilermaker knows it cannot 'go it alone'. We believe, as advocates for this region, we can to bring governmental, for profit and not for profit organizations to collaborate in the creation a healthier community.

This is our goal!

Having already laid the ground work on a number of community initiatives we know success is born with each step! Please check out the awesome things we do!

Boilermaker Urban Garden (BUG) Boilermaker Urban Garden

The Boilermaker Urban Garden is a collaboration between Cornell Cooperative Extension, Rust 2 Green, Oneida County, the New York Department of Health and the Boilermaker. Youth from Utica are responsible for planting, nurturing and harvesting the bounty provided from this small patch of land. The youth are also growing in skills such as team work, communication and developing a business plan that will help them be a leader in our community.

Want to get involved?

Please contact the Boilermaker at 315-731-3

Kids' Run Boilermaker Kids In Training

Sponsored by the Utica National Insurance Group, the Kid's Run takes place Saturday of Boilermaker Week. Between 1,600-1,800 children between the ages of 4-12 participate in an untimed, age appropriate run. Run distances range between ¼ up to 1 mile, including is a special needs heat. Every child is given a tee shirt, commemorative gift and healthy snacks at the conclusion of the run.

There is no cost to participants.

The Boolermaker Kids' Run 2015 BOOlermaker

Capturing the excitement of Halloween and disguising fitness as fun brings the Boolermaker to life! "Where being fit isn't scary" this untimed Halloween-themed run gives children of all ages the opportunity to engage in some healthy, safe activities and nutritious treats.

There is no cost to participants.

Charity Bib Boilermaker Nation

Have you ever wanted to run with a purpose? If so, the Charity Bib is your ticket to not only being guaranteed a spot in the race, but giving you the satisfaction of helping out the community by raising money for a local organizations. In the four year life span of the Charity Bib program over 700 runners have raised $500,000 for 28 organizations. Talk about a collaborative effect!

Are you an organization looking to become a Charity Bib Partner? Thank you for your interest in becoming a Boilermaker Charity Bib Partner! This year our Charity Bib partners will have the opportunity it recruit and register runners BEFORE Boilermaker registration opens to the public!

A few things to keep in mind: the Boilermaker's mission is centered on inspiring healthy living! We are thinking outside the box on how to encourage our community to grow healthier and happier. We want you to think outside the box too! Just so you know, as optimistic as our Partners have been over the last few years, they have learned (as we have too) that Charity Bib is not a guaranteed homerun. These bibs can be hard to fill and the money is not always easily raised. The responsibility to be successful is upon you and your organization. However, we will be here to help and guide you!

Lastly, all decisions in selection of Charity Bib Partners are determined by an independent committee and are final.

Please complete the form by February 8, 2019. Only submissions received by this deadline will be considered.

Happy Running!

Click here to apply!

Boilermaker Scholarship Program Boilermaker Nation This program was created to award high school students in distance running scholarships towards college tuition. These students are nominated by coaches, not parents, who recognize student talent in two areas: outstanding achievements in distance running and outstanding commitment in distance running. Over the last 11 years over 40 scholarships of $1000 - $1500 have been awarded to these hard working kids!


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